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Deaf Awareness – May 2018

I have to say what a wonderful day yesterday was – many thanks to you and Debs for organising.

Debra and Simon were both great in their respective roles, and managed to deliver the session with as much humour as was possible. They were both ready to understand as well as deliver.

The subject areas were thought provoking and good for group discussion.  As a person with hearing loss, they were good to get my point across to others. For example, how do you get the attention of a deaf person; please do not approach me from behind and tap my shoulder; it freaks me out but it’s not obvious to someone who can her people approaching from behind them.

I really enjoyed the day and came out of it feeling much more positive about my disability and other people’s perceptions of deafness and hearing loss.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved in organising this event and for all those who participated – it was a great bunch of people to work with. I really hope more of these sessions will take place in the future.

Debra was fantastic, Simon just brilliant, they clearly have a great working relationship and it made the value of the day for me so much more – cannot thank them enough.

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