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Level 3 Certificate in British Sign Language

This BSL Level 3 course is a progression from Signature Level 2 Certificate in BSL and helps you to gain more advanced signing skills towards Level 3 in BSL.

The BSL Level 3 course is for people who want to deepen their knowledge of BSL in order to communicate better with Deaf people without the pressure of exams.

Before being accepted onto the BSL Level 3 course, you will be required to undergo an informal interview with the tutor in BSL. This is because it is BSL SignAbility’s responsibility to ensure that the learner is at a standard at which they should pass their Level 3 course before paying the fee. (There is of course, no guarantee that a learner will pass when they have been accepted – there is a lot of independent study required.)

This BSL Level 3 course caters for the learning needs of those who already have competence in BSL at Level 2. Successful learners must be able to demonstrate competence at Level 3. The learner will be able to understand and use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations.

It is useful for those who work on a regular basis with Deaf people (for example social workers, teachers of the Deaf, communicators, voluntary workers, workers within Deaf organisations, schools, etc), those who aspire to work in these contexts, and those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in British Sign Language.

The qualification is divided into three units each of which will be assessed separately

Unit BSL320 – Sign Linguistics Knowledge (Linguistics)

The aim of this unit is for learners to develop an understanding and competent use of the grammatical rules of BSL.

Assessment for this unit will take the form of a 45 minute written question paper based on the content of this unit.

Unit BSL321 – Understand varied BSL in a range of work and social situations (Receptive Skills)

For this unit the learner should be able to follow conversations and discussions delivered at normal speed on a range of topics in different work and social situations (including one to one interaction, group discussions and presentations).

Learners will be assessed on their understanding of a DVD conversation presented in BSL. Learners will watch a DVD for this assessment relating to work or social issues, including relevant deaf issues. The learners will answer the relevant questions on assessment papers provided.

Unit BSL322 – Use varied BSL in a range of work and social situations (Productive Skills)

For this unit the learner should be able to use BSL in a range of work-related and social situations (including one to ones, group discussions and presentations).

The assessment for this unit is split into two parts. Each learner should complete Part A and continue immediately onto Part B, before the next learner begins their assessment:

  • Part A = 8-10 minute presentation by the learner
  • Part B = 10-12 minute conversation between the tutor and learner

Both parts of the assessment will focus on a topic provided in advance, by Signature.

To achieve the full qualification of this BSL Level 3 course, learners are required to achieve all units.

Length of course: 39 weeks of 2½ hours per week

Progression routes

On completion of this Signature BSL Level 3 course, a wide range of further qualifications is available, including:

  • Signature Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language
  • Signature Level 4 Certificate in British Sign Language and Introduction to Interpreting
  • Signature Level 6 NVQ Certificate in British Sign Language

These qualifications would potentially lead an individual to various employment opportunities.

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