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Deaf Awareness for Businesses

Deaf awareness for businesses is a unique opportunity for us to visit you, your colleagues or your employees. We help you gain an understanding of how to interact with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Approximately nine million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss. It is therefore important that your staff know how to interact with a potential deaf customer or client. There are many ranges of deafness and certain deaf awareness topics that are quite often overlooked when thinking about how we interact with deaf people. It is essential to have prior understanding of potential implications when communicating with deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

Individuals will participate in fun and engaging learning activities such as:

  • How communication barriers, and barriers to information, are simple to overcome.
  • How to catch the attention of someone that is hearing impaired.
  • Lip reading and maintaining clarity in a conversation.
  • Basic sign language signs.
  • Much More!

Staff will be able to use their new deaf awareness skills to communicate more effectively with Deaf people, develop a broad understanding of deafness and essential knowledge of the deaf community. This deaf awareness for businesses course will also provide a great foundation to those thinking of moving onto the British Sign Language Taster and/or British Sign Language Level 1 courses.

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