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I would like to start by saying how BSL has changed my life and how proud I am of myself and my tutors Debra and Michael Freeman, who for three years supported me every step of the way.

At the initial stages of my learning, I realised & felt instantly how I wanted this to be a field where I’d like to progress my career in. My tutors were both very inspiring and motivating when it came to my learning; they created a seed in me which through learning I can proudly say today in my line of work where I am a confident interpreter where I can help the deaf community with breaking barriers of communication.

Furthermore, I am proud to say I even helped both my tutors in my line of work which I only have them to thank for.

I would highly recommend Debra and Michael Freeman to anyone wanting to learn an exciting form of communication. The time they invest in an individual and their work ethic is of a remarkable standard.

I received one to one tutoring alongside group classroom support which again I’m grateful of.

The classroom Learning was amazing I met some wonderful people who shared the same passion of BSL and interests as myself.

Debra and Michael have an amazing learning programme set for each student, catering for all levels of learning abilities the pace and environment is one where you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Sign Language is now something dear to my heart which I will continue learning. I believe communication breaks barriers and brings people together.   2013 – 2015

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